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I wish you many new successes, new joys, good health, peace and contentment, and abundant creativity. Hauskaa Uutta Vuotta! Bonne année! Allen ein frohes Neues Jahr! Happy New Year!SnowDayJan10.2007.jpg

I seem to be writing about the weather more than anything else here! It certainly has been a big part of our lives the last couple of months. The latest windstorm yesterday was followed by a big dump of snow overnight and until mid-day today.

Our crazy weather even made national news including this video.

I've stayed home today, letting my husband take our car to work instead of letting him struggle with a bicycle. Thankfully we had no fallen trees and power outages in our neighbourhood this time. Instead I've been taking immense pleasure in gazing out the window and being hypnotized by the swirling falling fat clumps of snowflakes. Now all is calm and very bright in this lovely winter wonderland and I must go for a walk.

Marja-Leena | 10/01/2007 | 14 comments
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Wow. I remember snow. Vaguely. Enjoy! Here it's gone from 65 on Saturday to somewhere in the 20s today. I hear 40s and rain coming for the weekend. Nothing uglier than 40s and rain. ;-)

Hi Leslee! Still no snow out your way ??- we've switched climates! I've heard it's been coming to some areas in the east. Since I wrote this post, it started snowing heavily again and it will get cold -7C (about 18F, I think). It's going to stay cold and sunny for a few days, so this snow won't melt for a while. I love it, as long as I'm not driving.

The lightbulb's just popped and I'm sitting here in the dark - or at least the glow from the monitor - listening to the wind and rain lash at the window. Yet during the day it was mild and sunny. Strange times.

They had forecast a dusting of snow for my area and none came :-( I'm so tired of the brown! Yes it beautiful in it's own way. But a good layer of white is sorely needed here.

Mr. Zip - you mean your power went out? Are you using a laptop running off battery power? If so, that's lucky. My husband has one, but the internet was also down when we had our outages.

Cathy - I bet the snow will come! Winter has only just started.

Hey, that's supposed to be our weather! Give it back!

Dave, come and get it! I think a lot of people would appreciate it. :-)

I'm with Dave! Hope I get to walk in that winter wonderland at least once this year. Till then, it's nice to stop by and see your photos.

Even here:

snowflakes this morning.

I watched them from the warmth of my bed; so the weather was fine by me!

Patry, like you, a winter wonderland once in a while is my idea of a good thing! I don't think I could live on the prairies anymore.

Chuck, at first I thought, "what, in California?" I could not remember where your city is located so checked the map. I see you are in the north, so that does make sense. Does it ever get lots of snow?

No, power outages are extremely rare here. The lightbulb simply decided that the time to go *pop* was at the darkest part of the night.

Mr Zip - heh, so reading about our storms and power outages while your light pops, made you momentarily think "storm?". Lucky you, that's all it was. And silly me for thinking you meant a storm.

Now we have a cold (-3C), gloriously sunny morning with cool blue cloudless sky and no wind. Sure beats the dark rainy days. I need my sunglasses against that bright snow!

Now WE have the snow here! Maybe it will migrate its way around and back your way again!
We're out and about after spending yesterday inside, we're hoping the streets will be a little safer. Wild times in Portland yesterday.

Hey Sus! Crazy weather indeed. I guess that last snowfall, which kinda fizzled here, headed down there. I think we're tired and would prefer if it would just head out to sea! The snow of a week ago hasn't melted away yet. Stay safe and warm!