snow in April


We were shocked last night to receive hail and dry pellets of snow, then wet snow for about four or five hours. A few stunning flashes of lightning highlit the whiteness into a ghostlike eery world. Then it all froze overnight.

This morning we see the heavy weight of the snow has spread open many shrubs, some of them in flower like the camellias and the red rhododendron. Large cedar branches are leaning down to the ground and I see some have split. Most sadly, a huge branch has broken off in the center of our magnificent magnolia tree, just beginning to bloom. This is situated along the back border of our yard, lined with trees and so very private. Now there’s a huge gap and we can see the neighbours. I grieve.

I’m almost afraid to go outside to check the damage to the tulips and other new growth in the garden. In the 35 years we’ve lived in Vancouver, I don’t remember ever having had snow in April that stayed on the ground. And we may be getting more this weekend. I love snow but not in April.

Added later: Here’s a photo of a bruised magnolia flower, picked off the broken branch on the ground.

April 19, 2008 in Canada and BC, Home by Marja-Leena