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After a week of subzero temperatures and frozen ground, snow has been coming down steadily, at first lightly all day yesterday, then heavily in the evening and all night. This morning it was still snowing but the forecast said it will turn to rain. Maybe so in some areas but this afternoon it's coming down very heavily again - beautiful, big puffy flakes that are hypnotic to look at. This is a little unusual for the end of February when spring's harbingers have been out for several weeks (poor things now buried and cold!). Though we've had several short-lived dustings this winter, this is the first major snowfall for us, a last (?) blast to remind us that winter is not over.

But oh, what a transformation - a quiet black and white world! And what irony, after posting about white stones on black backgrounds! I was outside right after breakfast taking many photos around our garden, shaking some of the heavy wet snow off upright yews and shrubs and clearing the front walkways while husband shovelled the driveway. Looks like it will need doing again later this afternoon. We're hoping that there will be no severe damage to trees and that we do not have power outages like in some past years.... our firewood is ready if needed.

Marja-Leena | 27/02/2011 | 7 comments
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The thing I always liked about west coast snow in late February is that it's beauty is so fleeting. I'm sure all your plants will come through just fine.

Big and puffy here too, only I was too lazy to take picture--these are nice! I am hoping the promised rains will wash my car out of its snow hill... more laziness.

Susan, it was too fleeting! The rains came later in the afternoon and it's a mess out there!

Marly! We have snow so rarely here, usually, that I do go a little nuts taking photos of it. I will be posting more... Hope your car will be free soon, ours is covered with slush at the moment.

that looks just like my december! it's awfully late, i don't remember it going much past valentine's. hope it melts quickly and leaves you with spring x

From the mound on the table I'd say it was a lot of snow. From the melting, I'd say it did not get very cold.
I don't think your plants and trees will suffer.

Oh! That looks like fairytale snow!

Elisa, we have had snow as late as April, though it's unusual. This morning we had sunshine then cloud and in the afternoon rain, hail and snow again, but it's melting and messy.

Hattie, it was hovering around the freezing mark but then warmed up. I'm just worried about the weight of the snow squashing the delicate snowdrops and crocuses. Too soon to tell yet.

Rouchswalwe, great to have you visit! Yes, fairytale snow is my favourite but it's not lasting, sadly.