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A week of unusually cold weather has ended with warmer temperatures and snow falling last night and most of today. Roads and walks were treacherous with heavy wet snow but it is so beautiful. Sadly the rain is following and it's already a mess out there. I put in a long and productive day in the studio today but I might work at home tomorrow.

Oh! A belated Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends and family in the US! I can't believe that we are only a month away from Christmas.

Marja-Leena | 25/11/2010 | 7 comments
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seems your weather is similar to ours these past few days: heavy snow, lots of slush, then ice, more snow, rain, what? strange.

Well, that's winter for you. I'm glad you've been getting some good work done. Marja-Leena. Once the holiday season gets underway, it's hard to find time for projects, I find. We're going to have a lot of family here through most of Dec.

And to think that a week ago there were still a few struggling flowers.

How satisfying to get a good days work in.

Ah, snow!! I got a couple hours worth of snowflakes yesterday. Sadly they didn't stick around, thanks to teh rain that followed.

Taina, this morning it was pretty messy walking through the slush. The snow is almost gone now down here near sea level, all washed away by heavy rains. A bit strange and uncommon this early but otherwise it's usual for rain to follow the snow out here on the Westcoast.

Hattie and Anne, yes to both last week's flowers and to getting work done. I printed two editions today. One more to do next week before all the holiday preps! I still haven't designed my cards, sigh.

Cathy, snow is lovely when it comes down and clings to trees and shrubs, but the aftermath of slush is a mess!

So far we've had a couple of snow flurries here but only once did we awake to white ground. The grass is still green out there but the leaves are long gone. I'm curious to see everything white but it's still just November so I'm happy enough to wait.

Susan, I notice the weather map of Canada shows a large area of the east and the central northern areas are a lot warmer than the west, even the central northern area - most unusual! Enjoy it while it lasts!