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It is amazing that the snowdrops are still in bloom. They had a late start and are lasting unusually long with this very cold winter and delayed spring. It's been sunny and very cold this week but it's now turning towards rainy days ahead, so I went out to pick some flowers. More scans to come of the others...

Marja-Leena | 13/03/2009 | 11 comments
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Fantastic mix of light and dark, spring and winter...

Ours, which bloomed before yours, are now beginning to fade. The ones you show are double snow drops, arne't they?

They haven't even started here! Beautiful photo. Something to look forward to. :-)

Wow! This is just what I needed ... it is so grey and blah here and the opening day of baseball season seems so far away. Though there are finally bits of green things pushing through the brockly earth in front of my door.

Lilalia, glad you like it! By scanning with the lid open, I get this rich black background, making the work look to me like old botanical prints.

Joe, yes, ours were unusually late this year. These are the double ones, shorter than the singles and coming out a bit later.

Leslee, I think all of North America has been having a colder longer winter than normal. I was going to post all three of the photos together but they are so large. This way, I have some posts ready to go for days I have nothing to write, heh.

Rouchswalwe, I'm glad this gave you pleasure. It's dreary and rainy here now. The good thing about cold weather in the winter here is that it's clear and sunny.

We had "snow drops" again yesterday ... not as large and lovely as these. The ones that fell here needed a microscope for proper appreciation. It will be in the 60's again on Tuesday! Totally crazy!

Did an excellent job with the scanning. Love the green on the flowers.

Aha! The perfect object for a scan - white flowers, pale-green stems against that profound black background. Just imagine how measly they'd look if I scanned them against the faded maroon backdrop my scanner provides. What continues to astonish me is the depth of field you get; virtually the whole of the flower head is in focus. Have you ever checked your scanner's maximum depth of field? But there I go again, asking questions.

Joan, you certainly are having wildly changeable weather.

Cathy, thanks!

Barrett, good question and I don't know. It's not that deep a depth of field, less than a centimetre or inch if even that. Deeper objects will reveal that but then it can also be interesting. I'll be posting a photo of a hellebore that I had to keep rescanning and had to flatten a bit to make it look right.

Marja-Leena, these are absolutely stunning. Thank you for the beauty!

Lainie, thanks for dropping by!