splendid September

(scan of maple leaf found in old telephone book)

After a very wet and cool second-half-of-August, we have had non-stop sunny days, and hot ones this week too! I love the contrasts of the cooler nights and occasional morning fog with the bright days, the very long shadows against brilliance, the heavy dews in the morning and drying leaves later. The full moon last night was amazing, sparkling on the water as it rose over the mountain across from us, then lighting up the house and garden all night.

As always in this major month of changes and new beginnings, I’m torn between many jobs, mainly my art work and the garden (taking cuttings and preparing plants to come in). I’ve been back to the printmaking studio and happily working on a piece already. Sometimes it takes me a while to get into the groove after the long summer break, but this time I’m raring to go. It probably helped a lot to have spent two weeks in August printing and to have another piece that is already partially in progress to dive into right away.

A rather upsetting distraction is observing the elections and the economy here at home and at our neighbours to the south (and northwest). I’ve cut back much of my reading about all the nastiness and just deeply hope that voters will have common sense on our election days. Though we talk about politics a lot here at home, I don’t wish to talk about it on my blog other than this mention of its effect on us.

Lunch time, then back to work!

September 15, 2008 in Being an Artist, Home by Marja-Leena