spring and birthdays

‘Tis the first day of spring and I’m longing for the weather to match! A very cold winter not easing up for spring means this year the garden is unusually late for normally balmy Vancouver. Blame the depressing weather if you like, I’ve been wandering through several years of digital photos. Curiously I then got it into my head to search for images taken on March 20th since year 2000. The equinox as we know is sometimes on the 21st, which is also son-in-law’s birthday. Thus many of the photos were of family get-togethers to celebrate his day, for sometimes we celebrated the day before or the day after. As you can see not every year on March 20th did we take a photo.

2004 – birthday cheesecake made by eldest daughter

2005 – the rainbow that appeared after the birthday party

2006 – that’s me at another birthday feast I prepared

2007 – tulips from my garden. They are a long way off from blooming this year!

Wishing you, dear readers, happy spring (or fall) equinox, may it be a warm and creative one!
And happy birthday, J! I think in a few hours it is the 21st in the UK.

March 20, 2009 in Being an Artist, Culture, Home by Marja-Leena