spring cleaning


My daughter Erika, a professional web designer, had been making noises for awhile about changing the font on my blog. I love Mac’s Skia font and have used it here from Day One, even though I vaguely knew it was not showing properly on PC computers, defaulting to Verdana which she felt was hard to read and looked terrible especially in larger point. My problem has been finding another font I liked as much as Skia that is also free. We decided on FF Nuvo Web Pro (if you want to know more, check the little ikon on the bottom right corner of this page).

Today was spring cleaning day and the font is the new resident here, and one I’m still looking at as a stranger in my six year old home! So, dear readers, please let me know how it looks for you or if there’s anything funky going on anywhere. I’ve already noticed some of the archives are a little weird but it’s probably not worth the effort to weed through and correct.

One of the changes I myself had long been desiring was to have my images clickable to view larger. Erika suggested instead to just post them larger because most people nowadays do have larger screens. A few other tweaks here and there and it’s done!

Thank you, Erika, for all your expertise and hard work. I’m in awe when I watch you rapidly type away at code, such a foreign language for me, and thus create such wonders on the web! And you’ve been doing this since you were about thirteen!

Oh, and the image above is the result of some play with text and image layers in PhotoShop… enjoy!

March 14, 2010 in Blogging by Marja-Leena