spring, lichen, moss



Last Saturday night turned clear so were fortunate to be able to watch the supermoon’s rise but were not so impressed with it, for we’ve seen better, August moons for example, though it looked pretty reflected on the sea.

Sunday and the spring equinox was glorious with clear blue skies and warming sunshine, so rare, so missed and impossible to resist. Birds entertained us with their singing above us in the trees while we worked most of the day in the garden, cleaning, pruning, spreading compost around the blueberry bushes, that sort of thing.

I even started some vegetable seeds at last. The solarium was very warm for them that day but unfortunately turned cold again that night and since. I keep moving the seed trays around inside the house trying to find a warm place for them. Snow still keeps coming down on the mountains, no worries about enough water for summer’s drought.

I found an intriguing twig under the magnolia tree and brought it in to scan later after finishing the garden chores. Today I’ve been having some fun with the images. Here are two for your enjoyment, more to come…

March 22, 2011 in Canada and BC, Nature, Photoworks by Marja-Leena