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- potting up tomato seedlings and rooted cuttings of flowers (and taking photos above), getting down close and personal with weeds in the garden

- moving everything out of our bedroom including ourselves, removing 27 year old carpet, painting walls and ceilings, lay down hardwoood flooring

- refreshing this and that in adjoining bathroom after 27 years of use

- found used large flat files at long last to store my prints! painting them when warm (?!) enough in the garage; another coat to cover the original black; rearrange studio to make room, then organize work into these.... hope to be inspired to get back to artmaking in my spring-cleaned studio!

Marja-Leena | 16/04/2012 | 9 comments
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Clearly, spring has sprung! I will be in Seattle soon, looking at all the new growing things.
BTW: For an instant I thought that top photo was a coastline.

Hattie, I see what you mean by that looking like a coastline! Yes, spring finally arrived on the Easter weekend and has been exploding rapidly since. These photos though were taken in the solarium, for it's too early to put these outside. Hope you'll have lots of warm sunshine and flowers when in Seattle. The camellias and magnolias are in their glory.

Today it was warm! I sat in the sun, trying to get spring-healthy.

Lovely that you are putting things in order and getting ready for new work.

You'll be getting tired of me saying how much I envy your green and all the little flowers too but you know I mean it in the best way. Your photographs are stunning.

The renovations sound as though they'll provide you with a bright new perspective for your future projects. I do some of my best planning from the comfort of my bed while I drink my morning coffee.

Marly, may the warm spring air be restorative! I'm looking forward to when everything is done. Meanwhile it is a LOT of work and I'm sore all over from lifting furniture and weeding in hard to reach places, but so grateful husband is handy.

Susan, not at all, glad you like them. I can just imagine you dreaming of drawings and stories in bed! Strangely, I've not developed the habit of breakfast in bed, maybe I should try it again sometime.


guess what? It's snowing here again. I was so much wishing that the Easter colds were enough.

No Spring in sight.

Ripsa, snow in April! How depressing. I think we've had some in the past too, though it would melt right away. Sending spring wishes your way! The days are getting longer....

I especially like the hairy green landscape and the flowers...

Marly, did you know the hairy green landscape is a macro view of tomato plant leaves? I imagine some garden fairies living there and encouraging them to grow....