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On the trail in Writing-on-Stone Park.

Lovely and cool here at last, so I'm going through my summer list. Friends arriving tomorrow!

Marja-Leena | 31/07/2006 | 10 comments
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Hmm, we seem to be on similar wavelengths today: I just included an old photo of stone steps for a post I'll be putting up later this afternoon. (You know I love anything to do with large rocks!)

Are these steps carved into the rock, as it appears, or were they made with concrete or stones and mortar?

Dave, these are carved into the rock. It's very narrow, and was the only one we came across in our hike. The trail goes over and around the rocks and some parts are a bit tricky, where I was going on all fours to keep my balance. I want to go back and see the rest of it! Did your parents get there?

I look forward to your photo of stone steps, Dave!

marja-leena: the stone steps are lovely! it makes me want to visit the site! Enjoy your guests! You've reminded me by your list that I still have to get raspberries to turn into jam. It was much too hot here 2 weeks ago to make jam, but now that it's cool, it sounds like such a lovely idea. Blueberries and blackberries come next!

You know I love large rocks too! Yes, do enjoy this height of summer. The markets in Montreal are bursting, and I try not to think of the opposite side of the year!

I'm anxious to see if you do try out some of the new woodblock/printmaking techniques you mentioned in an earlier post...

Hi Jackie! I don't know how people survive in hot climates. I suppose the "natives" are used to it. With this warming climate, I'm wondering if we'll have to move to the Yukon! I used to make no-cook freezer jams, but since I've had to eliminate sugar I don't any more. Fresh or frozen fruit satisfies my sweet tooth. Have fun with your jam-making!

Hi Beth! Great to have you visit here. You know, the more I hear about Montreal from your writing, the more I want to visit it! Yes, the markets are wonderful. I loved the ones in the European town squares - so much more lively and full of character than any supermarket, don't you think?

If I stop going to my print studio and start working at home without a printing press, I will likely try this type of woodblock printing (not new, but quite old).

Hi Marja-leena...that hike looks amazing, I'm so facinated with the mix of natural and human-made formations.

I've always wanted to learn to do woodblock printing properly, having done some linocuts I liked and being enamored of black-and-white images/positive-negative space and all their possibilities. Maybe when I am older and doing less writing (which is when I plan to go back to painting, of course!) Your prints are really beautiful and I hope to see them in person someday. the new Veils Suite one today is lovely.

Hi Elise! Yes, me too, as you see !!

Hi Beth, sorry I didn't respond right away - seems your comment came in at the same moment as I wrote in response to Elise, and then dashed off to join our visitors again.

Beth, I think it's a wonderful plan to get back to your art at some point, not too far in the future hopefully. I foresee you doing some woodblock prints to illustrate some of your writing, hmm? Why not plan a visit to Vancouver and I'd love to give you a personal tour of the city and my prints!