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The stargazer lily is in bloom with a heavenly scent.

Another heat wave this week and not even a drop of rain...

Gazing at the full moon and the stars last night...

Marja-Leena | 26/07/2010 | 12 comments
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Your phtos show these plants in a way I never imagined, Marja-Leena; so intimate, almost erotic. Their flesh looks so lush, like silk velvet - shimmery, makes me want to touch them to see how far my hand would sink into them. So beautiful.

(On another matter, I think the rain we had yesterday - or its cousin - is headed toward you. I hope so!)

Oh, I like these very much.

How glorious they are in these pictures you've made. I love the way they look but I can't share a room with them as they're one of the few flowers that make me sneeze :-)

Not watermelon! Realized this as I scrolled down from the two top images. Remarkable photography once again.

Martha, thanks, glad you like these. And yes please, send the rain our way!

mb, that pleases me, thanks.

Susan, then I'm glad you can enjoy these ones without sneezing!

Naomi, heh, I thought the second one looked like watermelon too!

These are amazing images, and make me think of a creature from the stars, rather than a stargazer! I hope the heat relents soon. We are still on the cool side down here in California. Weird, isn't it?

Maria, thank you! Does your area normally get a lot of fog in the summer, like San Francisco. I think some of the west coast of Vancouver Island does too, and perhaps that's common along most of the outer west coast along the Pacific? Today I read that we may be heading into the second driest July ever.

Oh! How gorgeous! (and one of my favorite flowers and colors)

How I envy you these pictures. I appreciate your sharing them very much. We have been having a drought, too, by our standards anyway, and the moon was big and yellow over the water last night.

Beth, wish you could be here the see them! There are now five huge flowers open on the stalk with two buds yet to open. The scent is almost too overpowering in the afternoon when the doors and windows are closed to keep out the heat.

Hattie, I'm happy to share, thanks. And I too have been enjoying that big yellow moon sparkling over the water the past few nights. Nice to think of us doing the same thing at the same time, looking at the same moon over different waters.

Ooo ... it's like being the telescope itself and rolling around in the wonders of the universe.

R, that's a cool thought!