Stolen Art

You may recall my posts last month about Pnina Granirer’s exhibition and my visit to her studio.

Some time ago, I was horrified to learn that two of her works have been stolen. This is a terrible thing for an artist to experience, and shocking that such a popular place like the Roundhouse Community Centre has so little security. Below is the press release. If you live in the Vancouver area, do keep your eyes out for these works.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE            March 28, 2005
Theft of paintings from local artist
Two paintings by local artist Pnina Granirer were stolen from the Roundhouse exhibition during the last days of the Vancouver International Dance Festival, March 25 or 26.



Titles and cat. nos. on the back:
1. (top) In the Spotlight,,   size 26×20 in., mixed media on canvas, signed
2. (lower) One plus One,,   size 28×22 in., mixed media on canvas, signed
Both framed in new, black wood frames.

Anyone who has seen them or has any information leading to their recovery is kindly asked to call the artist, at 604-224-6795, or the police, file no.05-071632, on the name of Jay Hirabayashi.
This is an appeal to the people who took them, to return them to the Roundhouse or the artist- no questions asked.
Reward offered to the finder.

Please be so kind as to publish the images of the stolen works and the documentation describing them.
For more info please call
Pnina Granirer                         604-224-6795
Jay Hirabayashi at Kokoro Dance        604-662-7441

April 8, 2005 in Current Events, Other artists by Marja-Leena