summer in the backyard

A glimpse into some of the best in our backyard right now:

a type of trailing lotus plant, maybe this one, in the hanging basket,

a red bee balm or monarda,

and ripening red currants for a sweet tart taste of summer!

This July is a hot one, at least for me, who dislikes the heat and what it does to me. Ten months of the year we have rain, then two months of drought in the summer. Usually Vancouver’s hottest period is mid-July to mid-August, but now I’m dreading that it will be all summer. Most of us in older homes do not have air-conditioning here, and we have still not installed my hoped for watering system in our large garden, so both garden and I are constantly hot and dry! I have so many blogposts I’ve wanted to write but I’m too hot and tired for words, so then I fall back on more garden photos to show off.

How is your summer, my friends?

July 12, 2008 in Home, Nature, Photoworks by Marja-Leena