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fresh picked red currants
sweetened by sunshine,
precious last ones saved
for granddaughters' picking pleasure

a record heat wave
sprinkler swirls sparkling water
to delight garden
and jumping children

a new roof
overheated workers
start early, quit early
nearly done

Marja-Leena | 31/07/2009 | 17 comments
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What a beautiful bowl for hand-picked currants in the summer! So tantalizing I almost didn't think of drinking an ale with them (the "overheated workers" line near the end of your poem got me thinking of a cool ale though). Happy weekend under your almost-finished new roof, Marja-Leena!

Lovely photo and writing. the weather is weird everywhere. We've had the coolest July in 100 years and I'mnot looking forward to the return of the norm!! You folks are getting what we most often get. Sorry, but it's all yours if you want it!!

Oh, lovely bowl of red currants! I can almost taste them in my mouth. As for that record heat wave, well, we are getting your normally cooler weather down here in California!

Rouchswalwe, thanks, this is one of my favourite pieces of Finnish crystal. It's the start of a long weekend here, and the roofers are still planning to work.

Joan, no, I don't want this weather, thank you! It has zapped all my energy - physical, mental and creative. I don't know how people live in the tropics, their tolerance must be in their genes. I'm definitely northern stock.

Maria, I guess the northwest coast heat wave must have stopped at the California border. Wanna trade?

I love currants! It's too hot for them here. My MIL had a set of bowls like the one in your picture, and I was too dumb to realize their value and gave them away.

Hattie, my favourite is the black currant, even the leaves have such a wonderful fragrance. My black currant bush never did as well as the red. These berry bushes do well in very cold climates. Everyone with a garden seemed to have them in Finland and even in Manitoba so I have some happy childhood memories of them. It's nice to pass that on to the grandkids.

Did you see the post I wrote about the Finnish designer of this glassware?

not here it isnt! I've just had to shut the window over the computer area to stop the torrential rain blowing out our fuses...

Rosie, really? sorry to hear that.

That bowl of Finnish crystal looks like a bowl made of ice. A perfect receptical for the jewel-like currants.

Joe, I'm glad you wrote that, my thoughts exactly!

Oh, what a beautiful bowl of currants! The bowl looks cool like it's made of ice. :-)

Leslee, thanks. A real ice bowl would be a treat in this heat!

I discovered they're also quite good sun-dried. The last few on the bush were still edible before decaying, and were sweet and chewy. Just like dried cranberries. Yum!

Hi Erika! Oh, I didn't know that! And there's not one dried one left on the bush for me to try out. Next year.

Those red currants are so glossy and gorgeous! I like the contrast with the frosted glass, which looks so lovely and cold . . . even if the day wasn't.