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Marja-Leena | 14/10/2010 | 8 comments
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When we lived in Rhode Island there was a sudden mass influx of Hmong refugees and a subsequent bounty of beautiful cut-work embroidered pieces. Unfortunately, they'd been given very low quality fabric for the work so even the pieces I did purchase didn't last very long. Your photographs of these treasures are very beautiful and reminiscent of a time when skilled people knew what long winter afternoons were for (once the baking was in the oven).

Glorious textiles. Wanna touch...

Is that an East Indian cloth in the second picture?

Susan, that's sad. This kind of wonderful skilled textile work needs to be treasured and supported, and there is a lot of that provided by some organizations in the west (like our Maiwa), while giving these craftspeople, usually women, fair wages for their work. I bought these two pillow covers about 20 years ago from a local gift shop that imported and supported this.

Hhb, yes, I just love handmade textiles too.

Hattie, that one comes from Thailand. I don't remember where the top one is from, it's lost it's little label.

I don't think I've ever seen any Thai work as beautiful as that piece.
This might interest you:

Hattie, most Thai work that I've seen is lovely dyed and batiked cloth. I've not been there but I'm sure there are many variations in the regions and villages. And, thanks for the link. India is sure famous for their cloth and silks which Maiwa supports.

lovely colours and textures. I wonder how many treasures each of us harbours in her home?

Taina, like you probably, I have mostly a lot of Finnish treasures, some of which have appeared here over the years....