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On the occasion of the second anniversary of this blog I offer all my dear readers this virtual bouquet of thanks for your wonderful friendship! What an amazing network around the world has opened up with this blogging phenomena. I love hearing from so many of you! Yet there are so many quiet and shy readers too that I think about and wonder - who are you? where are you? what are your thoughts?

I look forward to a third year of connecting and I hope you do too! As I've mentioned before, I keep looking back at my posts of a year earlier, such as this first anniversary post. This year, you might enjoy these stone labyrinths - they make me think of connections.

Marja-Leena | 01/02/2006 | 13 comments
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Happy blog birthday, Marja-Leena. I keep commenting, and they just disappear - most recently about the Armenian film...

Jean, thank you! But I'm alarmed to hear your comments have been disappearing! I wonder how many others may be having this problem? Anyway, I'm very glad this one came through.

Congrats on another year Marja-Leena! It takes a lot of dedication, research and community spirit to keep it up and you certainly do all of that!

Thank you Linden - it is wonderful to be in this community together, sharing common interests in printmaking for one!

Happy blog-day - and thanks for sticking around!

I wonder if the quiet ones aren't like me: in the habit of putting off blog reading until after supper, when i am too tired to think of anything to say most of the time.

Wow, two years in blogland is the equivalent of human versus dog years- a long time. Thank you for your positive contribution to the blogosphere- always an inspiration to read!

Dave - I consider you an ever-faithful reader and excellent commenter - thank you for being there!

Carolyn - you've been at it even longer I think! You were one of the first artist-bloggers I found so we have a bit of history together, eh!?

Marja-Leena, thank you so much for this wonderful blog and the spirit that shines through it! It is a delight to know you and to be able to read and learn through your eyes. Happy Anniversary!

Beth, thank you to you also for your inspiring blog and your friendship and kind words, all of which have made this experience so enriching for me!

Dear M-L, sorry to be late but I send you my warmest congratulations and wishes for many more years of fine blogging. That's a beautiful image you've posted.
Like Dave, I usually do my blog travelling very late at night and then I'm too tired or foggy to comment, or even to reach all my blogmates' sites. But I'm proud to consider you a friend and artist-colleague and thank you sincerely for all your supportive comments over at Blaugustine. Happy blogday to you.

Natalie, thank you so much for your warm wishes, from a friend and artist-colleague indeed, and one whose blog inspires me!

Congratulations on your blog birthday. It was you who inspired me to start a blog in the first place, and I'm so glad I did. It's such a wonderful hobby. I remember before I really knew what blogging was that I would keep running into your "web page" then I realized what it was and must have spent hours getting to know you through your archives. So, thanks for putting yourself out there, giving tips, and opening my world up to Finland and Vancover!!

Mandy, that's so sweet, thank you! You know that I was very happy to find your blog, too, it being one by another printmaker! It's fun to be part of that network too, isn't it!?