the bowl breaks (1)




… an addition to my ‘breaks’ series of a sort, with more photos to come…

Added the next day, this note from Elisa, whose bowl this was:
One of the casualties of our return from the English countryside to the Pacific coast. Three months boxed up in a boat and rattling across the length of Canada proved too much for my beloved Mason Cash mixing bowl. I used it lovingly for sourdoughs and homemade mozzarella and birthday cakes, and often let it sit out on the counter as it was ever so good-looking. I’m sure it is glad that my mother has transformed its shattered state into art, and that we will bury it at the base of a potted plant. Not a bad life, surely, but I’ll miss it.

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September 5, 2012 in Home, Photoworks, Textures by Marja-Leena