The Danish Poet


Torill Kove, a Norwegian-Canadian animator with Canada’s NFB (National Film Board) won an Oscar this year for Best Animated Short Film. Her film, The Danish Poet, is a “charming 15-minute meditation on life’s peculiar coincidences, based loosely on a tale her father told her about how he met the woman who would become his wife and her mother. It is narrated by Liv Ullmann, the legendary Norwegian-born actress and director and Ingmar Bergman muse.” – from the Montreal Gazette.

Now I’ve just discovered that the film can be viewed in its entirety on the NFB website! You can also read more about this Canada-Norway Co-production, view an interview of Torill, short clips of the film and order a copy on its own website. I hope you enjoy this delightful animation as much as I did!

UPDATE Feb.28th, 7 p.m.: Some readers may be interested to know that Art Daily has short excerpts of the winners at the Academy Awards, including The Danish Poet.

UPDATE March 5th: It’s come to my attention that the full-length feature is no longer available on this site. It seems that it was up for the duration of the contest, which has ended. I think I struck it lucky finding it just before. Time to either buy it or rent it!

UPDATE Dec. 2013: It is available to subscribers or to buy the DVD.

UPDATE March 2014: Quite by accident I discovered it may be viewed for free at Open Culture.

February 27, 2007 in Culture, Films, Other artists by Marja-Leena