the long weekend


It’s Easter Sunday evening here and I now have time to pause and think. Some spring cleaning chores done, this morning we enjoyed the visit of our middle daughter’s family. Babe is five months old today and she keenly watched her big sister gleefully hunt for Easter eggs hidden in potted plants, pillows and bookshelves. (It was raining outside!) We all shared in the goodies, plastic eggs we’d filled with dried fruits and nuts with some sugar-free dark (milk-free) chocolate squares. (Do you think I could find Easter chocolates without milk?! Hey chocolatiers – there’s a whole market of health and allergy conscious parents out there!)

Did anyone notice that this blog and my email were down from Saturday evening until this afternoon? My apologies! Our cable company said they couldn’t get anyone out here until Thursday because of the long weekend. Not happy with this, husband spent the afternoon trying to get our internet service back. He found that the modem, which the cable company figured was broke, was okay. He checked for breaks in the wires in the crawl space under the house. The outside cables from the telephone line to the house also looked okay – these had been replaced a couple of years ago when we switched companies because they were badly chewed up by squirrels!

Well, the problem was in the splitter attached to the outside of the house. Husband switched the internet and television cables – bingo! We have internet again though it’s slow, but no TV, which is not a big loss for us infrequent viewers. We can wait until Thursday.

Tomorrow is the big day at our house. We are hosting a pot luck lunch for the printmakers in the studio and several in the community. It is our opportunity to come together for some social cheer and to wish Tae-Huk Kim, our artist-in-residence many thanks for his friendship and generosity in sharing his knowledge of Japanese woodblock printmaking. Kim, thank you, bon voyage and good luck as you return to Korea!

Dear readers, I hope you are all having a great Easter and Spring weekend (without technical hazzles)!

April 16, 2006 in Being an Artist, Culture, Home by Marja-Leena