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Looking into the gallery as we arrive on time for our exhibition. Lots of folk already there!


This is the front area, with a peek towards the rear on the left side...


The front wall with a work by Peter Frey on the left, two of mine in the middle, and one by Christel Kleinewillinghoefer on the right.


Speech time. Here is North Vancouver City Mayor Darrell Mussatto,


and Capilano University President Dr. Kris Bulcroft.

Our exhibition opening at CityScape last night was excellent and very well attended, so much so that it was difficult to take photos of the work, especially in the rear section of the space where the table of wine and nibblies attracted everyone to linger. Our work looked great in the space. There were speeches by several people - was I ever thrilled to have my work behind them - what a photo op!


I'm not sure whether Hereford, Herefordshire, qualified as being "in the area"; as it was I turned back halfway to the airport. Too cold, even though by Canadian standards it was a balmy -6 deg C. I was fascinated by the word "Embrace" etched on one of the windows. Did this imperative include the visitors? Some of them wore suits. Reckon that would be carrying art criticism too far.

Must be nice having wall space on a scale few homes can offer.

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Your two pieces look so dramatic. Have you mounted them on aluminium? It makes such a difference seeing them measured against humans to put the size in context. It certainly looks like a good bash, and I hope that many sales were made.
I also hope that more appreciative buyers come during the run of the show. Brava!

Looks terrific, wish I could get there!

It looks like a gorgeous exhibition, Marja-Leena, and your work is even more dramatic at this scale -- it's great to be able to share art over the Internet, but I'm always happy to see its actual size and impact. Congratulations and I hope the show is a real success! Looks like the opening was, for sure.

I know exactly the feeling. I have been most often on the end of camera-eye on the exhibition openings of my husband.

It feels even for me exiting and simply just fine. I always know that he has worked very hard - it must be the same feeling for you and your family!

LdP! A world traveller like you would have just hopped on that plane to a balmier Vancouver. It was a lovely clear and mild opening night and we are having lots of sunshine this week. Isn't the window lovely with the words Embrace, Inspire, Create, Community... perfect for a community art space? Yes, embrace we did each other that evening. Very few suits, and those very casual, no white shirts and ties - that's the Vancouver art scene. Oh, and the wall space - wow!

Olga, thanks! I'm very pleased how these two looked. We didn't get a photo of my third piece on the other side. Everyone's work was hung unframed with magnets (no aluminum), except for one piece on a dowel hung away from the wall on wires. Sure saves on framing costs. Yes, we all hope there will be buyers, I have not checked yet.

Lucy, I do wish you could!

Beth, thank you! Good point, yes, the scale does show up next to humans better than on the internet and any measurements.

Ripsa, indeed, the hard work and excitement of having a show rubs off on an artist's family, you would know well. A group show like this is a little easier for us individual artists and the gallery folks did a wonderful job hanging the work and organizing the opening night. And my husband did a great job taking photos in such a crowd.

I've never really considered the size of your prints before so it's wonderful to see your work on gallery walls and surrounded by admirers. It's easy to see it was a very successful opening night - for which I'm very glad.

Many congratulations!

Susan, many thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my work in this context.

Just to clarify .... the speeches that were in front of my work were not about my work, or any one person's specifically, but mostly about this arts council-run space, our special program at Capilano University, and other such things related to community programs.

Oh this looks wonderful, and a really interesting exhibition space. Congratulations M-L!

Oh, you nabbed the mayor and the president! Excellent. Just think how many people will glimpse your work (and be able to guess the size as well) because of that!

Fire Bird! Thank you, also for dropping by.

Marly, yes, it's exciting though we'll see if there is much media attention.

Glad to see and recognise your work on show, even remotely.

Joe, isn't this technology a wonderful way to share? We take it for granted a lot now, but times like this I am glad that more people can see my work beyond this physical place.

It looks wonderful. And it is illuminating to see your work in the context of other artists' creations.

Hattie, thanks, I'm glad. I should go in and take some installation photos of the whole exhibition when it's quiet there.

Hi Marja-Leena, the exhibition and your works look great! I love the colors, wish I could visit.. anyway it is a nice way to see them via your blog. Good luck!

Leena! Kiitos, thanks! I too wish you could visit. It would be fun to talk about each other's work and compare our ways of working - but yes, the blog is a great way to do it.