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Do you keep a cup or mug on your desk to hold your pens and pencils? Next to this computer is a desk lamp with a heavy indented base which holds my 'stuff'. This evening I had the urge to clean it up a bit, then another urge to scan it all - a virtual 'show and tell' if you like. Not that exciting, is it? What do you have in your pencil cup?

Marja-Leena | 24/11/2010 | 10 comments
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Paperclips are always so hopelessly intertwined. And it's no use trying to keep them in the pcil cup.

Actually, I have a jar. An old Greek olive glass jar.

Today I took a walk the the "arvaus"center (health care center), where the nurse told me to go to the drugstore to get some antihistamine and if the rash doesn't go away, then I have to come to doctor.

I had a pen with me, that my son brought for me from New York. It has a sliding figure of King Kong and the little blond beauty on his hand climbing up on the Empire State Building.

I had my winter coat on (-10 C and horrible North wind) and the pen made a hole in my coat pocket, I was just lucky enough that my keys didn't fall off.

Knowing me as you do you'll hardly believe my latest post.

I have so many pens, pencils, and brushes I actually have three cups on my table to hold most of them. I'm actually kind of embarrassed looking over there right now because the new painting found me trying pure colours and mixtures of colours and gradations of colours on practice paper, so every tube of paint I own and three boxed sets are all open. There are also several palette dishes whose exact shades I need to remember one more day. I'm very much looking forward to the clean-up so I can plan the next one.

Ripsa, your olive jar sounds great, but getting a hole in your coat pocket does not :-)

BB, I love your coffee tin!

Crow, you are describing an artist's work area - sounds great to me! I have a lot of stuff in my little studio, in cups, drawers and cupboards. We seem to have pens and pencils everywhere in the house in various drawers but can never find one when we need it during a phone call.

Your picture sets me off. I have jars and boxes and trays for pens and pencils and brushes. I love all sorts of stationery inordinately. I can't resist them. I love sharpening pencils as much for the smell of the lead and wood as for the needle sharp result. I must now go to BB.

Joe, I can just imagine all your lovely containers and your pleasure in their contents! Thanks for sharing.

I used to, long ago. It was made of bamboo and had the smell dried bamboo have. I liked the texture, and the fact it came from a grass stem that once lived somewhere.

Anil, I remember a small bamboo cup we used to have. It didn't hold much but was lovely.

Ooops, looks like my alter-ego popped by for a visit. Yes, there's never a pencil close by for messages or notes.

What a lovely idea...