things to do


As readers may know, I am madly busy getting ready for a solo exhibition opening November 16th. I’ll post details about that as soon as the invitation is done, but in the meantime have a look at my job list as the countdown approaches!

A. NEW WORK for exhibition to add to finished works:
– 2 more “Silent Messengers: Hoodoos IV and V” – in progress
– 5 smaller “Silent Messengers” (still untitled) – in progress

– 1. Provide poster image for graphic designer – Done. Being printed.
– 2. Invitation design – in progress. Erika to help with the text. Send to printer Tuesday.
– 3. Application to a gallery – in progress, awaiting invitation to be included.
– 4. Update mailing list for invitations – some snail mail, some email.
– 5. Press releases?
– 6. Make Label list, including prices, to give to Gerry to be made up.
– 7. Prepare exhibition binder with artist’s statement, CV and related info.
– 8. Buy magnets from Lee Valley for hanging work.

C. TAKE CARE of myself:
Do not lie awake at night thinking of more ideas for my art work! Do not get stressed. Breathe. Think calming thoughts. Go for a walk after sitting at the computer for hours with PhotoShop. Look out the window often to stretch eyes. Do not get a cold (am sniffling a bit and have stuffy ears on and off!) – take homeopathic preventative.

October 14, 2005 in Being an Artist by Marja-Leena