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This morning as I sat at my computer next to the window, some movement caught the corner of my eye – six big crows were strutting about the lawn, looking for grubs perhaps? I was too slow getting the camera. Usually they are on our roof and chimney top, their heavy thumping often startling anyone alone in the house into thinking someone’s breaking in.

Yesterday evening was very memorable – we had Miguel and Mika here. Miguel is very much in love with this region after his two weeks here. Mika, who has only been here a couple of days loves what she has seen of Vancouver so far.

Delighted to meet her, we were very impressed with Mika’s accent-free English, thanks to Miguel’s coaching. During a little tour of our home and some of my art, Miguel made two interesting comments that really pleased me – how he could recognize our home and setting just from my blog descriptions, and how my art work looks so different and much better than on the web. We enjoyed much conversation and laughter in the evening sunshine on our back deck over a meal centered around BBQ’d sockeye salmon. As it cooled down, we moved indoors for dessert of blueberry kiisseli with whip cream and a few wild blackberries on top. After driving them back to their hotel by English Bay, we felt sad saying goodbye to them both but hope we’ll meet again someday.

Roundabout meanderings on the net led me to this exciting discovery: Sky Mirror by Anish Kapoor. Remember the Kapoor piece we saw in Brighton but didn’t know it’s name? That’s it, how beautiful! And, this surprised me:

The artwork itself, which was manufactured IN FINLAND is a six-metre wide concave dish of polished stainless steel weighing ten tonnes and angled up towards the sky. It reflects the ever changing environment, season to season, day and night. (caps mine)
PS. Evening of Aug.27th – Things will be quiet on this blog for a few days. We’re going to the islands to enjoy some of the last glorious days of summer! I’ve been too busy getting ready to write another post, hence this short note.

August 25, 2009 in Blogging, Canada and BC, Other artists by Marja-Leena