1. Garden: We had a record dry August and September here, and still no rain. I have trouble keeping up with watering. With cooling nights now, the last of the tomatoes were harvested, with the green ones ripening in a basket indoors. The pepper plants came in too. I’m trying to repot houseplants before bringing them inside after a summer outdoors and it is time to take cuttings of tender annuals. I need to find and plant some small trees, shrubs and spring bulbs for a new garden area next to the new neighbour’s wall. The fall is as busy as the spring, mostly in reverse mode.

2. Art: Working hard on a series of prints at home and in the studio. Saw a wonderful exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery which I must tell you about when I have time. And tomorrow evening is the opening of the exhibition by Japanese artists.

3. Letters: Busy with correspondence with a cousin in Finland whose brother P. has been very ill. This morning I learned that P. had passed away. Went looking through photo albums from the 70’s when he’d visited us in Canada. I scanned some of those old photos along with a little story and sent it to the family over there. All the older generation in those photos are no longer with us. Sigh.

October 3, 2012 in Being an Artist, Home by Marja-Leena