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Alternating between gardening and utter exhaustion these May days, I've not being doing anything in the art-making side of my life. Interrupted by showers in sunshine this afternoon, I had time to play! Wanting to try making a birthday card for a gardening friend, I picked these raindrop covered petals off my favourite rhododendron and tried some scans. I like this one and hope it will print well.

Update May 28, 2008: There's actually a name for this process - scannography!

Marja-Leena | 26/05/2008 | 11 comments
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Very nice. It's been a busy May, hasn't it?

It does work well. It is an unusually good colour for a rhododendron.

Oh those are wonderful. Hmm I think you are launch for art project now.

Leslee, thanks. Yes, busy for us both, in different ways! Hopefully things will quieten soon.

Joe, glad you think so. I like this colour because I find too many rhods are pink.

Cathy, thank you. I play with flowers for cards, but I don't seem to use them in my art work. Does that seem strange?

Ooh lovely, what a fun idea, and the raindrops so perfect too!

Lucy, glad you like this! If you have a scanner, it's easy and fun. But you take great close up photos of dewy flowers.

Just gorgeous! Hope it works!

It does seem a little strange you haven't, maybe that's an area you need to explore. Who knows where it will take you.

Joan, thanks, it printed very well on the first try!

Cathy, perhaps I may one day. I'm still possessed by rocks and such stuff, heh!

That must be a portmanteau word, n'est-ce pas?
Linguistics aside, lovely picture!

Thanks Mouse! and hey, you had me looking up 'portmanteau'!