Tina Schliessler


Vancouver artist and a friend, Tina Schliessler, has her series Living Portraits on exhibition at the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver. I was very happy to attend her opening the other evening (Tuesday) and see her exciting new work. Here’s the short statement in the Vancouver Sun’s arts Calendar:

The local photographer uses a motor drive on her still camera to capture multiple images of her subject. She hand paints each photograph and then, using a computer video program, melds the images together – animating the portraits to bring them to life again.

Beautiful portraits of her children, family and friends, using a fascinating process and framing! Congratulations, Tina!

If you are in the area, you may see her work at the Seymour Art Gallery, in beautiful Deep Cove, daily 10 to 5 until August 5th. Two of the portraits can also be viewed at Tina’s website (still under development I think).

July 12, 2007 in Art Exhibitions, Other artists by Marja-Leena