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Moth on floor, crumbling
Pine cone, auto-flattened

Marja-Leena | 19/09/2008 | 10 comments
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I love moths. There's something so peaceful about their muted colors (well, most of them), their graceful fluttering wings, those furry antennae. Beautiful fall colors in your photos, marja-leena!

simply beautiful

funny coincidence! Before opening the Net, I just picked up a dead moth from the floor in my sun porch. I carried it in my palm to my box of (found) dried insects. I save them for my sister, for the angel girls she makes from flotsam.

Jackie, what a nice surprise to have you visit, and thus to find your new blog!

Thanks and kiitos, Rosie, Olga and Tuima

Taina, that is an amazing coincidence. How is it possible that your sister is able to use very fragile moths in her creations? Mine broke just placing it on the scanner.

Just back from my un-technological Greek island and I'm pondering your photos of old locks and what may be grain silos. Trying to get the right range of words to cover them. Beauty doesn't seem to apply; it's too vague for things that are straightline, too subjective. Striking, arresting, even occasionally handsome are words that can work but they don't capture that other essential element - the sense of change. The locks have rusted away into non-locks. Industrial artefacts like silos become something else when they no longer do the job for which they were designed. Separated from their usefulness, part of the past rather than the present, their utility becomes pathos since they are no longer "certain". Food for art, I suppose. And your SLR gobbles it up. But the trick is recognising that it's worth gobbling up in the first place. Stay hungry!

Beautiful! The moth's wings are gorgeous - reminiscent of polished wood.

Love these umber-ish autumn colours, long may your creative energies continue!

Barrett, your Island getaway sounds enviable, a good break from too much technology! I like what you say about my images, thanks, food for art and all. There's something about old weathered things that are so photogenic and full of hidden stories.

Leslee, thanks! Scanning then enlarging the moth certainly yielded some lovely surprises, and I see what you mean by polished wood.

Lucy, your lovely words just came in as I was writing this - thank you for taking the time to visit!