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Some readers were curious about the etching I used to make the rubbing yesterday. Here is the deeply etched copperplate, about 12.5 x 28 cm. You may have seen it before though I could not find more than a small section of it. The etching was originally created for the Meta-morphosis VII group of prints and used again in Nexus Blue IV.


Still inspired to play some more with rubbings and drawings, I did several more today with this copperplate, above and below are the best two. I think I like yesterday's better - beginner's luck!


Marja-Leena | 05/01/2012 | 13 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Drawings, Printmaking


They really do look as if they're dancing.

Amazing. Simply amazing, Marja-Leena. This is opening up new vistas for me. The copperplate is a piece of art in itself. How heavy is the paper, I wonder? I don't expect it's very thick. I had to look up a few terms, but I think I've a grasp of the process. Too bad I can't watch you (I'm a visual learner). It's all very exciting!

Susan, yes, they do seem to look like they are dancing, though I don't remember planning it that way.

Rouchswalwe, I'm pleased you find this exciting. I wish you were closer and I could show you a few things. The papers I've used are not heavy. Are you thinking of trying some rubbings? Just experiment with different papers and drawing materials like soft pencil, conte, charcoal, rubbing wax, maybe even children's crayons... just have fun!

I am off to my studio to get some old plates and make rubbings. You are such an inspiration, Marja-leena.

Anne, oh, have fun and show us what you come up with, please!

The plate is very attractive! Has that lovely eroded quality you like... And rubbing is so satisfying: something that gets right at one's inner child!

Marly, yes, I fell in love with deep etching copperplates back when I was doing the long-running Meta-morphosis series. I don't etch anymore for health and environmental reasons but I still have all those gorgeous plates. So fun indeed to do rubbings of one of them!

These are fabulous, Marja-Leena. Such movement!

Dick, thank you! Great to see you here.

The last pic, especially. I love it!

Hattie, thank you!

Those are gorgeous - such movement!

Leslee, glad you like, thanks!