together for peace


It’s been very foggy for several days here in Vancouver and matching it is my brain fog caused by a head cold. It’s a bit like being tongue-tied. So once again, I’m using the words of others here, this time with thanks to my son-in-law J. who is a filmmaker, film editor and teacher. After reading my last blog post (I’m thrilled to know he reads my blog), he sent me this email:

While the subject is on your mind, I thought you might like to look at the work of Peace it Together. This is the organisation I’ve been working with since the summer. You can watch some of the films produced at the peace camps here.

What a timely reminder! Here’s a little about this Vancouver-based non-profit Peace it Together Society and it’s program:

Peace it Together is a year-long curriculum for Palestinian, Israeli, and Canadian youth that begins with an intensive residential program on Canada’s West Coast. Our vision is to build a culture of creative leaders inspiring and educating others to work toward peace. We do this by teaching creative and practical conflict resolution skills to youth as they work in teams to create short films related to the conflict.

J told me about his part in it:

My role is to support the youth in the editing of their films. I spent time at the camp working with the groups during the final week as they toiled to finish their projects. I think what they achieved is remarkable and the quality of the work very strong. They continue to be a source of inspiration, especially during the darkest days of the war. I’m currently working with some of the participants on a behind-the-scenes film and look forward to maintaining a relationship with the organisation as long as there is work to be done.

I hope you will explore and enjoy the fabulous and inspiring Peace it Together website and especially the films. I enjoyed reading about the participants and their feelings during this camp. In all the terrible news from Gaza, these young people offer a bright ray of hope for the future and a wonderful example of cooperation and understanding.

January 16, 2009 in Current Events, Films by Marja-Leena