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Oh, I've had no time to blog! Instead I've been:

- printing itinerary, packing lists, maps, addresses
- transferring some of my files to husband's MacBook so that I can keep 'connected'
- shopping for gifts, special requests, used paperbacks from the library
- packing and repacking, including stuff requested by the family from home
- airing a musty old suitcase for that extra stuff, to be abandoned afterwards
- caring for plants and moving them out of now-too-hot solarium, with watering directions for daughter at home
- weeding just a little (my, there will be a jungle when we get back) and sniffing the flowers
- enjoying the tulips just starting to bloom (love my new parrot tulips ), the magnolias, camellias, forget me nots, spring at its very best now... how I will miss my favourite time of year here!
- waiting for that much-needed haircut tomorrow, then one last load of laundry and the last minute packing
- feeling stressed, but will relax and enjoy once we're up in the air and heading over northern Canada, eastbound to London... though not the feeling of being a sardine packed in a tin can!

As some of you may know, our middle daughter, our English son-in-law and their two little girls are living in London. They have room for us to stay so we're grabbing this wonderful opportunity, a first time for me to set foot in England! I'm looking forward to seeing our family and some major art, architecture, history in London and some other parts of the country. I'm excited to be meeting several friends including some blog friends for the first time! It's all fodder for blogging and photography, we'll see, it will probably just bore most of you seasoned travelers. Anyway, be good while I'm away!


Marja-Leena | 24/04/2009 | 19 comments
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Packing for a holiday raises so many questions. The most important: how to travel light? For years I have had a fantasy consisting of a jacket with pockets that can carry all you need to travel round the world. I have never met a woman who would even entertain such a fantasy, Heidi included.

Bon Voyage! (Do we have to be good? Can't we just be careful?)
Looking forward to all of your stories when you get back!

Lucky you.

I'd love to be in London this year, as there are many exhibitions and lectures to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Henry 's ascension to the throne and Tudor life in general.

Bon Voyage!

ML, those are two gorgeous, voluptuous flower photographs.
I love London - one of my favorite cities on earth so far. Can't wait to see it again through your eyes and original viewpoint.

Joe, traveling light is a fantasy for me, not reality, though I keep trying to change!

Rouchswalwe, thanks!

Anna, thanks! There's so much fascinating going on in London, I'm sure we'll only see some of it. This is our first overseas trip since we were in Finland for my exhibition Vaasa in 2002, after which we also travelled to Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Prague.

Lainie, glad you like the photos. I'm not as widely travelled as you are, but I'm sure London will fascinate, though I admit her size scares me a bit.

Bon Voyage! Hope you have an inspiring trip. I look forward to your report when you're back.

Have a wonderful time, hug them all for me, and enjoy the curry!

Thanks leslee and Lucy! We're off to the airport in just a few hours. The weather is glorious here, hope it's good on the other side too.

happy landings

Rosie, thanks! We arrived fine yesterday morning, London time, and have been busy ever since, spending time with our family, getting to know this neighbourhood and even went into central London this evening via the tube. Wow! Hope to write more soon...

Have a wonderful time!

And if we can't be good, we'll be careful: promise!

Have a nice trip visiting with family. I'm sure your keen eye will find much to absorb in England. Looking forward to your reflections. Nice that you get to meet some blogger friends! Penpals in space!

I'm off, too, soon. Off to the Middle East. To Bahrain and Lebanon.

See you in space!
Bon voyage!

I just had a great visit with your eldest daughter this past weekend and she told me you were on your way to Europe! I hope you have a wonderful time!

The preparation is half the fun when it is over. I've seen in pictures all the magnificient architecture to be seen in London. Have a nice time on your trip.

I'm looking forward to meeting you amongst the dreaming spires, bring a bag for books, we'll have to browse Blackwells! Hope you get my email

Whew, I can barely find the time to check emails and comments while we have a whirlwind of activity here. Lots of pictures too.
Thanks, Hattie and Peter.
Taina, have a great trip and take lots of photos to show us!
Wandering Coyote, thanks, we are!
Anil, thanks and yes, I too have seen pictures and am excited to be seeing some of the real thing so far with more yet to come!
Mouse, I got your email, will call tonight and look forward to seeing you soon!!

I see my comments are showing an odd time that is not Vancouver time, nor UK time, hmmmm.....

Marja-leena! How lovely; you're in London right now. I feel rather proud that there has been lots of sunny weather for you this week. I know exactly what you mean about missing the garden . . . as all of my tulips bloomed while I was away . . . but many of these same May flowers are about in London.

I hope you are having a wonderful time! xx

Bee, we're having a wonderful time and the weather has been good to us, thanks! I met several blog friends on Friday, then the weekend we were up in Birmingham visiting the son-in-law's family, traveling by train and getting wonderful views of the countryside too! On to Brighton for the day, Monday.