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Found on an 'archeological' dig in the backyard,
what stories lay beneath encrusted dirt and rust?


Marja-Leena | 02/07/2009 | 6 comments
themes: Found Objects, Photoworks


Given a few more years it might be described as an ancient religious artefact from the mysterious 20th century.

Susan, we are thinking alike here.

We just visited Montpelier, the home of President James Madison this morning and they are doing digs all over the place to locate slave cabins, etc. Such a fascinating world. I told my husband that on my next go-round on this planet, that's what I'd like to do! Won't it be interesting???

Joan, that's interesting indeed. I've said the same thing, that I could be an archaeologist too.

Wonderful images, Marja-Leena. Have any idea what these objects are?


Martha, thanks! This is a metal ring, shown actual size, plus a detail, but I have no idea what its purpose was. Wouldn't it be interesting to learn that?