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...another find while digging in the backyard

...feeling a need to play with images right now back with the travel reports soon

Marja-Leena | 03/07/2009 | 9 comments
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O! Where's my shovel?

Isn't nature totally amazing? Love this creature, object,'s whatever our minds make it, isn't it?

Rouchswalwe, my shovel has been in heavy use this hot weekend, preparing a new planting bed and filling it with compost. No exciting discoveries this time!

Beth, yes and yes! I'm looking forward to spending more time with it and the camera and scanner. This was just the first try.

I think it's an organic star ship with what appear to be little portholes being in actuality the windows of grand galleries to enable the travelers to view the passing star clusters. The great open horns are the entry portals for smaller vehicles to dock and the trailing cords are the propulsion systems and generators of the natural air bubble that surrounds it all.

Who ever made it a rule that space ships have to be made of metal?

Susan, love your imagination! Now I will always think of this as an organic star ship, not-made-of-metal, hee! I can just see this in one of your lovely illustrations....

It is a curious and lovely shape, which makes you want to invent a purpose for it. Have you tried playing it? It could produce mysterious and haunting music. The rusty artifacts are to be treasured whatever they may be or have been.

Joe, what a great idea! I tried it, though I did not want to touch my lips to it. Blowing without touching into the smaller opening, pointing up in this photo, gave a delicate whistle, haunting as you say! I may have to clean this in some way and play it some more. Oh, I save all these crazy things. Last night during a spell of insomnia, I was thinking about cleaning the studio and about finding a good spot to display all these 'artifacts' that are currently scattered about the house or in shoeboxes.

What a jewel!

Leslee, glad you like it. I'm now wondering about how to clean it...