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visual surprises in a parking lot, good thing I had the camera

Marja-Leena | 28/09/2012 | 12 comments
themes: Photoworks, Textures


More scrummy ingredients for future work!

Great textural images, M-L, and I look forward to seeing what you do with them. My favorite is the 4th one from the top.

Classic Marja-Lena. I like especially the rust mingled with grafitti.

Panning for gold!

Olga, yes, one never knows what might be just the right thing.

Martha, thanks, I'm glad you like these. We'll see where they might reappear.

Joe, yes, that's me!

Lucy, oui!

Marja-Leena's gold: I wonder what you will shape from it!

Marly, that's nice. I wonder too.

Isn't it amazing what nature can do? These strange lichens slowly covering manmade material give me hope that nature will survive in some form even if humans don't.

It's quite wonderful that you find such beautiful complexity in unlikely surroundings. Now I'm also wondering what kind of camera you're toting around. I'm not at all sure mine would be up to the challenge.

Susan, it really is a matter of looking closely, don't you think? My smaller camera which fits in my bag is some years old now, a Panasonic Lumix. Youngest daughter bought one a year or two ago and it's much improved with higher resolution and video. I do use photo editing to crop and adjust brightness, etc. which anyone can do. For my macro work I use a large Canon SLR with extension tubes. What do you use?

I have a six year old Minolta that boasts of having 5 mega-pixels :-). I also have a nice Canon SLR but it's not computer friendly so it hardly ever gets used anymore. You're correct that it's the eye rather than the instrument. These days I'm sticking with less expensive hobbies like drawing and painting.

Susan, 5 mega-pixels is only one less than my 5(?) year old. Your Canon is not a digital one, I presume. I always loved our pre-digital Pentax SLR which never sees the light of day anymore, along with several other old cameras of my husband's and his late father's. I find it sad how advancing technology leaves behind so much.

Susan, I have to add that despite that last statement, the advent of decent digital cameras has meant that I have turned into a keen photographer. Not an expert though, mind, but still an amateur. And of course, some of the photos go into my image library for possible use in my art work.