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Interested in Cave Art and Art History? Make a date with your TV tonight! I'd read about this earlier and put a sticky note here on my screen. Now comes a great reminder from CultureGrll that the PBS series How Art Made the World is beginning tonight on your local PBS channel. In Vancouver, that's KCTS 9 from Seattle at 10 pm. The program website itself is quite interesting, and according to that I think I will enjoy the first two episodes the most!

LATER: Just finished watching the first episode. It's very well done, an interesting thesis that I totally agree with - and it's actually a BBC production! Beats all the hours of watching slides in art history lectures!

Marja-Leena | 26/06/2006 | 4 comments
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That a fine series like this is originally a BBC production doesn't surprise me. Prejudiced as this may be (and probably is), I would be very surprised to find a quality, educational series emerging from the US.

I'm not surprised about BBC for it has had a long history of doing fine programs. When this program was first advertised on PBS, I thought it was their own, and I also thought they haven't done something like this in a long time - since their funding has been slashed. So, at the end of the first episode when I saw the BBC name on the credits...

The synopsis on Dose magazine's TV listings (which are the only listings I can find) made it seem like it was about biology and not art! It was so obviously wrong and now I wished I'd watched it. Mom you're taping it -- perhaps I can watch it this weekend. I found the most interesting art history topics were pre-1800s.

Maybe that writer focused too much on the scientific theory presented about why humans see the way they do, and therefore they make the art the way they do. Did you read the website? It explains it there much more than in the program, at least the first episode. And yes, I taped it!