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Though many areas around Metro Vancouver received a lot of snow on the weekend, our little microclimate prevented us from getting more than a dusting and even that was blown away by the high winds. Funny how the weather can be so different a few blocks apart. This week it is continuing below freezing and getting even colder with clear skies giving us sunshine and moonlight. We have a chance at having a rare white Christmas - here's hoping! So many parts of North America are having exceptionally cold weather, so we hope everyone is able to stay warm and safe.

Snow means snowflakes, like paper snowflakes. Erika has covered many windows in our house with her gorgeous paper creations, the above is a negative photoshopped version I made of one of them. I wished to scan some for better results but did not want to disturb them, but have a look at the ones Erika posted.

And of course, snow also means real snowflakes or snowcrystals. Enjoy!

During this cold snap, I particularly love the phrase that Plutarch recently used: secret ministry of frost, which comes from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem Frost at Midnight.

Tuesday morning: Talk about localized weather behaviour and 10 more days of cold weather plus a snow storm coming on the weekend! I should be careful what I wish for. A likely white Christmas but possibly challenging travel for everyone including our family.

Marja-Leena | 15/12/2008 | 13 comments
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SOS Send snow asap.

Herhimnbryn, have you got some to send from Australia? :-)

It was 60 degrees here today! No white for Christmas, I'm afraid, but there may be daffodils!!

Joan, sounds like you are living in the tropics!

Wow. We're expecting snow for Friday, at least that's what they're saying now. We'll see. It would be nice to have some to make it Christmasy this weekend. So long as it's gone when I have to fly out on Christmas Eve!

Well, even down here in the San Francisco Bay Area, plenty of places had more than just a dusting of snow, with roads closing at higher elevations. I haven't seen any snow in my neighborhood, but up the mountain form me, apparently there is some just now. But it is plenty cold here, too!

Leslee, hope your wishes come true! Where are you flying to?

Maria, that is very surprising! I looked at the link on your blog and there's more snow there than in many areas around here.

It's been unusually cold in England, too. And we've had a few dustings of snow. Sadly, (well, sort of) we are going to be in the Caribbean for Christmas . . . and thus will do ourselves out of the chance of a White Christmas.

Bee, I'd feel sad missing a white Christmas, so very rare here, but the Caribbean would certainly help me forget my pain. Lucky you - enjoy!

Beauty and poetry . . .thank you, Marja-Leena.

Lainie, thanks for the kind words and for visiting!

Mostly mud-coloured here, but thanks for sending me back to one of my favourite poems: Frost at midnight.

Olga, glad you found pleasure here!