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Weather is a popular subject as it affects everyone. Well, our suffering has been rewarded! Vancouverites can now boast that two records have been broken! One is for the most rainy days in a given month, that is 29 of 31 days this January. Secondly, Vancouver also broke a record for amount of rainfall in the city during any January, that is 283.6 millimetres (11.165 inches) at the airport. The North Shore gets much more, though I haven't seen the numbers yet, and the mountains have lots of snow.

We almost broke a similar record earlier this winter, but the weather improved for just that one last day that was to break the record. It was amazing how upset Vancouverites were! I suppose it's a desire for a reward for surviving. Now we can be happy. Welcome to the rainforest. Let's go count the snowdrops now as we await sunny spring days.

Marja-Leena | 01/02/2006 | 5 comments
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I think Seattle is right behind you! We had the same thing about two weeks ago, it should have been a record breaker, but it didn't rain during the day so they didn't count it. It is coming down in buckets tonight!

Yes, I heard about Seattle, Carolyn! Yesterday afternoon and night was our heavy monsoon. You know, Victoria had even more rain than we did, most unusual. We are ready for some sunshine, aren't we?

With all that liquid you'll have to get us out of a hole in Southern England - the resrvoirs here are only a third full at the moment and a dire summer is predicted. Start bottling now.

PS. I still have to type all my details in your comments boxes each time I post -I wonder why?

Yes, I too would like some of your rain. Also in southern England, and supposedly with wetland at the bottom of the garden, the ground is cracking up and desperate for precipitation. However, our snowdrops are twinkling away in the gloamin just now.

Anna & Omega - A dry England in winter sounds very strange! You might have a wet summer. Here it sometimes happens that a a wet winter means a very dry spring to fall season - the annual numbers balance out. Who knows anymore though, I do believe our weather is changing.

Anna, I'm sorry about the comments issue. I'll ask J about it again. I wonder if others are having this problem too?