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another photo from atop Mt. Seymour

having trouble getting to sleep,
sitting here with sleepytime tea,
looking out at a white night,
a brilliant white full moon,
a sparkling white frosted lawn

there will be a lunar eclipse in a few hours, I hear
but a white fog is rising as I wander from window to window,
like a ghost, stop the bad poems! off to bed I must go
wish me a good night and dreams of white snow

Marja-Leena | 10/12/2011 | 7 comments
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we had a night to match, the moon was so brilliant we could see to walk home as if the streets were lit. very cold, see-your-breath in the morning kind of weather. xx

Sleep is for the young, sadly.

elisa, I was tempted to go outside if I hadn't been in my sleep clothes already, and it was so cold and frosty! and other-worldly! Much better to watch with a hot mug of tea. Sadly the fog, then cloud cover prevented seeing the eclipse, according to your father who was up early, but the temperature rose and the frost was gone in the morning... weird.

zhoen, sadly too true.

I consider myself lucky to have south-facing windows in my bedroom. Made a cup of Chinese tea and read, looking up from the pages to check the silver one's progress every now and again. But I must have dozed off at some point before the eclipse. This morning, the Buick was covered in moondust.

rouchswalwe, in your time zone, the eclipse would have happened a few hours earlier than ours, I think. That clever moon sent you to sleepland before you could spot the magic. That night's moondust was rather frosty over here...

We had no chance of seeing the eclipse from here so I slept soundly without regret.

'When there's snow on the ground, I like to pretend I'm walking on clouds.'
Takayuki Ikkaku

Susan, a sound sleep is to envy, sigh. I like that quote very much, must remember it when we have snow, and it might even come this week.