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in my garden today

Marja-Leena | 27/11/2006 | 15 comments
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Thank You for all the beautiful pictures of snow. if I get lucky on Friday I might see a snow shower.

So stunning! I'm longing for snow!

Thanks Cathy and Patry! Sending snow your way! I think because it rarely lasts even a week here, it's a treat for this northern girl.

Roses are really wonderful to take cool weather and snow. I've got some Snapdragons still in bloom, little reminders of last summer AND the next. I hope you can keep that X-mas mood!

Hi Sikuri! Yes, this variety of rose is sometimes in bloom right until Christmas! We'll see if it makes it through this cold snap. I used to have snapdragons at our other house that overwintered, but here they get rust and perish early. So disappointing. And yes, I hope to keep that mood.

Wow! Pretty!

Those roses always smelled the best.

No more snow here today, but it's definitely frozen. We're planning on making a snowperson tomorrow. Hopefully the one down the street is still there; it's rather cute and would make a good photo!

According to the news, my area is the coldest! -10 with windchill of -19! Yikes!

All these snow pictures are making me long for winter. I hope we have one this year!

Erika - Today's paper has lots of articles and photos about this storm. Abbotsford had the most snow and road problems, as did all of the Fraser Valley. And it's not over, this cold is lasting another day, and maybe more snow later tomorrow. Was your school open today?

Hey Dave, maybe our climates have switched?!

Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas, you might say.... :)

Lovely, and oh so fairy-tale-ish. Nice, and thanks for sharing with us in the still-toasty south...

Hey Tom! Great to have you visit, with an early Christmas greeting that i will hold with me when we have a green Christmas, most likely!

Lori, thanks. I imagine you don't usually get snow down there?

MMM! interesting composition. Love the contrast beween the large glob of snow and the beautiful rose!

Oh, how beautiful! I'm with Dave - we may not get a winter this year (50s today, upper 60s tomorrow). But it's early yet. Maybe by Christmas...

Thanks GEL, and welcome to my blog!

Leslee, thanks. You know, I'm not wishing for your temperatures because this snow is such a rare and beautiful thing here, even if it is creating problems for many people.

My school was open yesterday and today, but this evening classes are cancelled and the institute's closing at 7. I hope I can get there tomorrow!