a Wm. Kentridge video


This was sent to me by artist friend Dorothy:
In “Taking a Line for a Walk” (2007) William Kentridge performs what looks like pantomime until, as it repeats, bare bones animation gives his moves meaning.
Delightful! And I see that William Kentridge is showing at SFMOMA March 14th to May 31st of this year. Dorothy says she’s going to San Francisco and will see the exhibition, lucky lady!

Added March 13th:
(Poet Joe Hyam sent me this astonishing response. I feel this deserves a place up front with Kentridge’s video rather than buried in the comments.)

Some years ago I wrote this poem beneath the Paul Klee quotation:
The original movement, the agent, is a point that sets itself in motion. A line comes into being. It goes for a walk, so to speak, for the sake of the walk.

From the black seed of the first explosion
Grew a line, sinuous, filament-thin,
Walked out through matter, aeon after aeon,
Till it paused to rest at the place we’re in.
Do you want to see what drawing or text
Is described in particles of light? What next?
With straining eyes you crane your neck
To see if anything familiar is left
Amid the spongey darkness of the wreck
Of its ventures all clogged up and cleft.
What will happen to it in the end
Turns into  a game of let’s pretend.
You watch the screen and click the mouse
But nothing shows. Is there an actor in the house?

The only change I would make now as I look at it again is the last sentence. “Is there an artist in the house?” might be more appropriate.
I was so pleased to see this video about taking a line for a walk that I felt I had to respond immedately.  I had long nurtured and taken pleasure in Klee’s idea, which says so much about a particular attitude to drawing. I wrote the poem when I first encountered the quotation at an exhibition at the Tate Modern, but I can’t remember precisely when.

(Thank you, Joe! If you don’t know Joe Hyam’s work, please get acquainted with his thoughtful and beautiful daily observations at Now’s the Time and the amazing Compasses, Handbook for Explorers, a poetry and photo collaboration with Lucy Kempton.)

March 11, 2009 in Art Exhibitions, Films, Other artists by Marja-Leena