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Like many artists, I don't usually like to show my work before it is finished. Perhaps it's the blog medium and the interest of you faithful readers that has made me more willing to show-and-tell some of my work as it unfolds? A little while ago I showed you the collagraph of a handprint that I wanted to print over an archival inkjet print. This is the first trial print, done on inexpensive proofing paper and very much a work-in-progress. Upon studying the real print, I know I want to do more tweaking of the digital images and their placement, as well as more color trial prints of the collagraph of the hand in the middle which needs to stand out a bit more. More hands, maybe? Textured paper? Questions, decisions...

Marja-Leena | 03/11/2007 | 12 comments
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Intriguing. Look forward to seeing the finished projects.

I think I recognize the image on the bottom, too...

Cracks in the concrete:
now the black snake has somewhere
to trap his loose skin.

This is an interesting process from the first idea to the finished result. I am looking forward to the next stage of your work in progress. Thank you for sharing these steps with us.

Fascinating. This is where I'd love to be looking with you so that we could talk. I want to ask so many questions. I shall content myself with waiting to see what appears next. Thank you for sharing.

Very nice! I look forward to see what will happen as you move along with it.

Cathy, thanks.

Dave - good memory. Yes, that bottom image has appeared here, found in PhotoWorks-Urban. I love the haiku very much, thanks!

Olivia, thanks for your interest!

Olga, I know what you mean, I'd love to do the same as you work.

Joan, thank you.

I love this, and wonder what you're going to do further. I'm responding especially to the colors - the warmish brown in the foreground, but echoed in their other two images, with the blue and black receding - plus the wonderful textures. Exciting progress!

For a person like me who doesn't fully understand much about how an artist like you develops your concepts, I also thank you for sharing this new pathway of visual adventures with us!

Hmm. I think more textured paper might be overkill, here.

Beth, I appreciate your thoughtful and encouraging response, as always.

Roger, thanks! An artist's blog should be informative at least some of the time, I think, especially with processes that are a bit unfamiliar for many people. I don't do it all the time, going off in many tangents as I do.

Peter, I'm still thinking about that one and will test it. Certainly I don't want the paper texture to overpower the image. You probably wouldn't even see it on the screen, unfortunately, as much of the subtlety in prints needs to be seen in real life.

This is fascinating. Thanks for sharing. I'm always hesitant to comment too much on something still in progress so I will just say I love the combination of ingredients you've chosen so far!

MB, Glad it interested you. Thanks for stopping by.