Writing-on-Stone series


Silent Messengers: Writing-on-Stone I
archival inkjet and collagraph
76.2 x 50.6 cm.

As reorganization in the studio continues, I realize I also need to do some here on the blog. With the redesign at the end of January, I lost the gallery/slide show (though some stray links to it here and there seem to work and bring it up on the old site). I am eagerly anticipating a replacement whenever my too-busy-with-work family members can manage it.

In the meantime, when revisiting some of my Silent Messengers: Writing-on-Stone series here, I noticed only Writing-on-Stone III appears along with the announcement for the “gallery” and the others are only viewable in the latter.

So I am placing them right on the main blog where the links will find them directly. I hope you will enjoy revisiting them or, if new here, viewing them for the first time as they are works from 2007 (seems like almost yesterday!). Above is the first one, and below is the second in the series. Numbers four and five will be posted later.

Here is some background information about Writing on Stone Park in Alberta and our visit there which inspired these works.


Silent Messengers: Writing-on-Stone II
archival inkjet and collagraph
76.2 x 50.6 cm.

Please visit my post about the making of the trial proofs for Writing-on-Stone I.

UPDATE: Please view also Writing-on-Stone IV and V

UPDATE 2, much later: The new GALLERY is up (see link on the top left here) and the works may now be viewed there under their series name, though not all the work has been uploaded yet – another work in progress.

May 3, 2012 in Being an Artist, Digital printmaking, Printworks, Silent Messengers by Marja-Leena