a bad week

I’ve been trying to start this post several times but incoherent thoughts, suddenly worsened keyboarding skills, (I do wish spellcheck would fix the typos!) and constant heavy rib-hurting coughing haven’t made it easy.

Last week Thursday, I felt wonderful having successfully completed my recent project. I’ve mentioned that I’ve been making prints that are on paper, with a clear printed mylar layer on top. After testing various methods of attaching these layers, I chose three eyelets, or small grommets, along the top edge. I’m very pleased with this because it gives me the option of using clear pushpins to hang them close to the wall, or they can hang off long nails out from the wall, or use nylon line and hang them freely anywhere. A bonus is that the editions are easy to store flat, remaining attached and ready to hang. So, I was pretty excited and really full of ideas for the next pieces.

That night I began to feel like a deflated balloon, the next day, like I’d hit a wall. I had caught this nasty bronchitis-like bug going around the family. So, lots of sleep, chicken broth, tea and water. But as the cough worsened sleep became more difficult. I’m told it may still take another week to get over the worst, then some to fully recover. Maybe my mind will clear up soon so that I can at least read some books, the usual delicious benefit of sick days. Hopefully regular posting will return soon.

Friend Anna knows how to cheer me up with visions of lovely English fields of blue scillas and this.

April 1, 2005 in Being an Artist by Marja-Leena