Axis of Ævil* is an interesting blog by an American expat who married a Finn, moved to Helsinki and writes irreverently about life there. Being the Easter weekend, I wish to point out a post called The Fazer Chicken* that really interested me because I’m fond of Fazer, an old and major chocolate, candy and bakery company in Finland. She writes about Fazer’s Mignon eggs, “… are the neatest Easter chocolates ever. These are real eggshells filled with an almond-hazelnut milk chocolate.” Made since 1896, “they are filled by hand, all 2.5 million of them each year”. Visit the links she’s provided to learn more about these wonderful hand-filled Easter eggs. Yum, I’ve had them occasionally a long time ago, wonder where in Vancouver I can find them?

More about Easter in Finland* and Easter cards* one hundred years ago.

Hauskaa Pääsiäistä, Joyeuses Pâques, Frohes Ostern, Happy Easter!

UPDATE January 2014: *Sigh, all links have gone kaput and have been removed. If interested in Fazer, I suggest a search – quite interesting!

March 25, 2005 in Culture, Finland, Estonia & Finno-Ugric by Marja-Leena