a blog adieu

“This blog is thinking about hibernation. I’m an Adorable Little Rodent (TLB blog ranking) with hundreds of hits a day. But I’m getting bored with my humble self and I want to spend time on other things.”

Sadly for us faithful readers, Amy Kane is retiring her blog ever so humble tomorrow. I’m late posting this for those readers who have not had a chance to visit her. As you can see by the tremendous response to her last two posts, she will be missed. I’m sad whenever a favourite blogger, familiar like an old friend, quits, as a few have this year. Here’s wishing you well, Amy, in whatever you pursue, with high hopes that we meet again in blogland!

I had to capture these great words from Amy’s sidebar under “recently read” about Biz Stone’s Who Let the Blogs Out?: A Hyperconnected Peek at the World of Weblogs:

“It really doesn’t matter if your blog is focused on a hobby, your work, politics, or just what you do during the course of the day. Blogging is information sharing, and the more you research and share, the more you gain expertise in your area of interest, even if that area is only “things that interest me.” Every post you publish is added to your life’s work, and that work is a window on your mind. Even if all you do is collect and publish bookmarks, the very links you choose to publish tip your hand. Blogging is an everyday practice of searching, thinking, and writing. There are many benefits to this exercise.”

November 12, 2005 in Blogging, Books by Marja-Leena