final preparations


With my printworks finished and ready to hang on Wednesday morning, I had a day of deserved and much-needed rest yesterday. Today I am sorting through my notes, even my blog posts which are a proving to be a very useful archive, to put together the supplementary information for my exhibition. You can see that I am a list person!

1. The curriculum vitae has been updated and is ready to print. Must update the copy on this blog soon.

2. The all-important Artist’s Statement – I’m re-revising this everytime I look at it! I’m starting with this early statement and adding some words by Kivikäs on the “silent message of man”. Because I’m including the last ten pieces of the Nexus series that preceded the current series, I need to say something about their connection.

3. I’m going to put up the five of Karen D’Amico’s original photos that I have used for the series of prints called Silent Messengers: Connecting with D’Amico along with a note about this collaboration-of-sorts.

4. I’m seriously thinking of displaying my copy of the 2003 Finno-Ugric Calendar with a print-out of the excellent introduction by Väinö Poikalainen along with some comments on the influence of Loit Joekalda on my work.

5. A short note of explanation regarding the strange title is underway for Nexus: Vyg and Willendorf to be put up next to that piece.

6. The colour brochures of my work (pictured above) that were printed to accompany the 2002 exhibition in Finland have been updated with a stick-on label with my new email and weblog addresses. Though the examples of work are older and not in this exhibition, the brochure is still an attractive “take-home” for visitors since I still have a couple of hundred of them as it was cheaper to print in large quantity.

November 12, 2005 in Art Exhibitions, Being an Artist, Finland, Estonia & Finno-Ugric, Recent Exhibitions by Marja-Leena