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more images taken at the old Britannia Shipyard in Steveston

Marja-Leena | 24/09/2008 | 6 comments
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So, there's a box inside a box and somebody was worried that saying "Open here" once wasn't enough. The device on the right looks like a pump and is an admirable example of a theme we have discussed before - the way nature takes its revenge on man-made things and gradually converts them into objects of greater harmony.

You think of the work and ingenuity which went into the design and execution of that abandoned hunk of metal. Whatever it was intended for, as BB says, probably a pump, the people who made it would never have dreamed of it being photographed to such interesting effect and posted on a then non-existent internet.
There are some Marja-Leena inspired photographs taken in Spain, shortly to appear on my blog.

Those are a couple of extremely charismatic objects. Great finds!

Barrett, nature's revenge is right! I thought this was a rope winch but I'm not sure now.

Joe, great points! Looking forward to your Spain photos.

Dave, thanks. Charismatic? Now I wouldn't have thought of that word!

Abandoned to nature, rusting metal gives new meaning to passage of time.

Anil, welcome and thanks for visiting!