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Last Saturday we drove daughter Elisa, J, our granddaughters and piles of luggage to the airport. They are off to Europe to work and travel until Christmas. My, the house is quiet now with just the three of us!

As we often do when we drive somewhere farther, and it being a gorgeous day, and we were already in Richmond (where the airport is), we decided to have an outing. It had been many years since we had been to the fishing village of Steveston, on the southernmost edge of Richmond (a city south of Vancouver). We were surprised to find how much this has been developed, with the old Britannia Shipyard now a national historic site, and lovely walks on top of the dike leading to the lively Fisherman's Wharf where we indulged in fresh seafood while sitting on a sunny patio watching crowds shopping for fish straight off the boats. So, lots of photos to show you (starting with the locked doors) for I went camera happy over the interesting old shipyard and the fishing boats.


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Marja-Leena | 10/09/2008 | 10 comments
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These go well with the locked doors. Intriguingly mysterious and sad because all broken and patched things are sad.

Oh the mystery contained in these images and also the doors! Nice work!!

Joe, glad you think so.

Joan, thank you.

Interesting pictures! You find such beauty in old and often overlooked subjects.

Beautiful photos, Marja-Leena! I hope you don't feel TOO lonely in your suddenly-emptier house.

Leslee, thanks. Why do you suppose old and worn can be so photogenic?

Beth, thanks. Actually we are enjoying the quiet and having more time for ourselves. We'll start missing the little ones soon though and then it will be time for an iChat with them! Let's see, I think they have left London and are in Amsterdam right now and then Paris next week. (envy)

"Why do you suppose old and worn can be so photogenic?"

I imagine it's because the old and worn have stories to tell that the new and shiny don't?

Leslee, absolutely! I remember when I was a young art student, I just loved to draw the faces of some elderly friends, so interesting with their lines and high cheekbones. Now I wonder where those sketches are?

Absolutely stunning pictures! Those windows are artworks in themselves. Are you going to do some prints based on them?

Natalie, thanks! It's certainly quite possible these may emerge in some prints. I love these kind of surprise 'finds'.