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worn out walls
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portents of the future?

(continuing photo series of the Britannia Shipyard in Steveston)

Marja-Leena | 18/10/2008 | 6 comments
themes: Canada and BC, Photoworks, Textures


Stunning photos, Marja-Leena!

That first one hints at Indian architecture. Two very clever photos indeed.

This shipyard seems to be an endless source of inspiration. The abandoned cinema building (with its rusting fire escapes, broken windows, boarded up doors, piping and ventilation shafts) in the centre of Tunbridge Wells has a similar attraction for me.

In the first image I see a landscape through the hole!

Portents of the future?

"Paint the wood behind - no one will notice."
"See - it was just a minor flood."
"The rats left some time ago."
"That's what comes of naming the yard after a British icon."

Dave, thanks!

Anna, welcome back and thanks! I see what you mean about Indian architecture.

Joe, such photo ops in the old and decaying! (Except my body, hmm.)

Herhimnbryn, yes, another world...

Barrett, thanks for my first chuckle of the morning!