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Yesterday at the old shipyards in Steveston, BC (more details to come later).

Sept 10th update: see next post.

Much later: more from the Old Britannia Shipyard here:
if walls could speak

Marja-Leena | 07/09/2008 | 9 comments
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Rosie, thanks for the stones, six of them! I sometimes get double comments, but this time six seems to suggest you might be having trouble with my comment box?

Hello, I think your blog, your art is is on my morning stop and read list. I have an award for you...please stop by and pick it up!
Mary Ann

The top photo looks like a little alcoves where you can place candles in.

Hi mary ann! Thank you so much for the award, and this opportunity to get to know your blog. Your art work looks lovely!

Cathy, I thought the same!

Yes, I like the top one especially, the old hammered metal of those handles, they do look like niches.

Lucy, glad you like them too!
Nobody has commented on the weathered old wood, which reminds me of old barns.

Locks are sinister, but beautiful too. The shadow on the first one is like a hieroglyph. Perhaps that is what attracted you to the composition in the first place.

Joe, I never thought of hieroglyphs! Certainly the patterning of shadows and shapes attracted me, as well as the interesting textures of metal and wood.